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Probate and Administration of Estates

Probate is the legal process of dealing with the distribution of someone’s estate once they have passed away and can seem an overwhelming task to most people.  We offer a comprehensive service in Probate and Estate Administration at what is often a difficult and distressing time for families.

If someone dies and leaves a Will, then depending upon the nature of the property and assets left, it is sometimes necessary to prove the Will and obtain a Grant of Probate to enable the Executors to deal with the assets of the estate.  We can advise as to when a Grant of Probate is required and assist the Executors in obtaining the necessary documentation.  This includes gathering information on the assets and liabilities of the estate, compiling the required inheritance tax return to HM Revenue and Customs and settling any inheritance tax liabilities.

We can provide expertise in dealing with the whole administration process including  the submission of income tax returns to finalise the income tax position of the estate.

If someone dies and does not leave a Will, then they die “intestate” and the Intestacy Rules govern how the estate is administered and to whom it is distributed.  Often Letters of Administration are required and our experienced team can advise and assist on all matters related to intestacy.