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Tina Circus and Angela Weatherill attend Birmingham Beats Cancer Dinner

Tina Circus and Angela Weatherill attended the Birmingham Beats Cancer dinner on 7 February 2019 at the ICC in Birmingham.

The event is held to raise money for local Birmingham based cancer research projects, and an incredible amount of over £24,500 was raised.

Why make a Will

Around 27 million adults in the UK do not have a will. Dying without a will means the law will run its course, often against your wishes.

Why Make a Will

The formal term for passing away with no valid will is ‘dying intestate’. If this happens your money, possessions and property will be divided up according to the law, and your loved ones could stand to inherit nothing.
If you are unmarried and die ‘intestate’, your partner would by law receive nothing. If you have children this can complicate things further, as the law often places them above your partner in the pecking order, and if you have children from a previous marriage they could be completely passed by.
Dying without a will means you have no control over who stands to inherit your assets. If you pass away with no close relatives, this could pass automatically to the government.
However, there is a simple solution. Will writing kits can be a cheap alternative option, but do you really know the long term implications of the document you are preparing? Thomas Horton LLP can draft a professional will for you, with the minimum of fuss. We offer home visits, reasonable charges and thorough advice, to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of after you die.
The sooner you plan ahead, the sooner your assets will be secure for the future.

Why plan ahead

• You can specify exactly who your benefactors are – leaving what you want to whom you want
• You can nominate your children’s guardians – if you have children under 18 and the worst does happen, you need to plan ahead for their future.
• You can state who your executors are – choosing the people you trust will make sure your will is properly adhered to.
• You can set out your wishes for specific possessions – making sure those keepsakes pass to the loved one it will mean the most to.
• You can write a joint will – not only does this align your wishes with each other, it’s also possible to get a discount.

Legal 500 success

We are delighted to announce that once again Thomas Horton LLP has been recognised as being amongst the best law firms in the UK by the prestigious ‘Legal 500’ listings.

Judging involves a detailed submission process and the independent interviewing of our clients.

This is a powerful endorsement of the quality of our work, as well as the care and attention dedicated to, and recognised by, our clients.

Congratulations Hannah Watson

After 5 years working at Thomas Horton Hannah Watson decided to further her career by undertaking a specialist paralegal qualification in Wills, Probate and Administration.

Congratulations Hannah

Congratulations Daniel Southall

We are delighted to announce that Daniel Southall has accepted an offer of a Training Contract with Thomas Horton LLP.

With two Bachelor degrees on Sociology and in Law already, Dan has recently obtained a Masters Degree in Law as well as passing the LPC, all by studying part time and working as a Legal Assistant with us.

The firm has been impressed by Daniel’s attitude at work, and also by the dedication and organisation skills he has demonstrated by juggling work and study with such success.

Congratulations Daniel.

Sara Atkinson joins Thomas Horton LLP

Having qualified as a Solicitor in 2007, Sara has joined Thomas Horton LLP’s Wills Trusts and Probate Department as an Associate Solicitor.

Sara provides clear, concise and considerate advice to clients on matters including Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate, Intestacy and Estate Administration.

DD: 01527 592747


Emily O’Keefe becomes an Associate Solicitor

On the 1st September 2018 Emily O’Keefe was promoted to Associate Solicitor.

This achievement is in recognition of Emily’s hard work, performance and attitude since joining Thomas Horton LLP in 2012 as a trainee solicitor.

As well as administering estates and preparing Wills, Emily also specialises in the drafting and registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney in both Property and Finances and matters concerning an individual’s Health and Welfare.

In addition, Emily is a “Dementia Friend” which assists her in carrying out Court of Protection work in relation to Deputyship Orders which are often for the benefit of vulnerable people and their loved ones.

Congratulations Emily

Legal Advice by Emma Plant

When it comes to buying or selling your property, it can be an extremely stressful time.

Your house is probably the most valuable asset that you will ever own, and you want to be sure of a good job. Some may choose to carry out their own conveyancing without the need of a solicitor, however this can lead to complications and delays, especially if you don’t have a legal background or understand the legal terminology.

Selling a property can be a minefield when it comes to understanding the rights, covenants and obligations which are contained within your title documents. By instructing a solicitor, you can rest easy knowing that they will fully check the transfer of legal title from one person to another and will highlight any issues with you in order for you to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with your property sale or purchase.

There are many solicitors specialising in property law, whether they be based in the local area, further afield or even online, but with so much choice available how do you decide which solicitor is right for you?

One of the major factors for most people will be cost, but you should always beware a false economy! Often the cheapest option is to use an online conveyancer or solicitors who are out of the area. These options may appeal, especially to those who have busy lives and can’t get to their local solicitors. An electronic transaction conducted without ever seeing your solicitor might seem very convenient, but the high volume, low overheads approach of companies is often their biggest failing.

When it comes to selling your home, some things should be more important than cutting corners where costs are concerned. Using online conveyancers or out of area solicitors are likely to have no local knowledge of the area, you will be unlikely to ever meet your solicitor face to face and in most cases are allocated a team, not an individual qualified solicitor. This can make getting an update on your sale or purchase a difficult and frustrating process, and often leads to delays. If either of the above is your chosen option then we urge you to be cautious.

Using a local firm which knows the area ensures that you have the freedom to drop in on your solicitor, sign paperwork or provide documents at your convenience, while also ensuring that your matter is in capable hands. A face-to-face, personal approach is particularly useful if you are working to a deadline and need to avoid unnecessary delays, especially as most documents in conveyancing require a “wet” signature, (the real thing!) and scanned copies are often not acceptable.  A local solicitor also has local knowledge and will have carried out a number of transactions in your area, helping you avoid pitfalls that could easily derail an online transaction.

Thomas Horton Solicitors LLP has been offering outstanding legal services for over 150 years

Deborah Honick joins Thomas Horton

Deborah has joined Thomas Horton as part of the Commercial Property Team.

Deborah qualified in 2004 and has worked at a Commercial firm in Birmingham and in-house for a Local Authority so has experience from the Client’s perspective too. Deborah’s experience includes general commercial leasing including lease grants, lease renewals, assignments, variations, options, licence to assign and change of use, licence for alterations, licences to underlet, rent review memoranda and surrenders and general management advice together with acquisitions and disposals of general commercial property.

Deborah’s spare time is occupied by running around after her two young children.



Congratulations on qualifying as a Solicitor, Naomi

We are delighted to announce that Naomi Grace Whitfield has accepted the invitation to join us as Solicitor in our Corporate Department, and is admitted by The Law Society as a Solicitor today.

During her time as trainee solicitor Naomi has excelled in all of the departments that she has worked. Most recently she has shown a natural aptitude for business law and for dealing with business clients.

We hope this is the beginning of a long, happy and fulfilling career for her here at Thomas Horton LLP.

Congratulations on qualifying as a Solicitor, Naomi!

Naomi-Grace Whitfield Team Photo